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It may seem a little early, after all Sam Raimi’s probably still sitting in a darkened office somewhere attempting to understand why no one showed up to see Drag Me To Hell, but the first teaser poster for Spider-Man 4 is here.

The status of the fourth film is still sort of up in the air. We know Raimi will be back directing and Tobey Maguire will probably return to webslinging but everything else is an unknown. Still, AICN has scored the first ever look at the film’s teaser poster, along with a bunch of others from movies like Shrek Ever After and Iron Man 2. See them all in high-res over there.

UPDATE! This is an extremely weird development. Superhero Hype claims that the Spider-Man 4 poster, which really is hanging at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas, is a fake. Sony has nothing to do with it.