Our minds are still reeling with all of the information absorbed from Star Wars Celebration over the weekend. The highlight continues to be the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel, where J.J. Abrams introduced the new cast, the old cast, and unveiled that second trailer (which we’re posting below). Then there was all of that Star Wars: Rogue One trivia. Are you hungry for even more Star Wars news? Mark Hamill has you covered.

On Saturday evening, Mark Hamill participated in an hour-long discussion of all things Star Wars from the stage of the convention center in Anaheim. And because many fans had just been able to see that The Force Awakens trailer, a lot of the conversation pertained to what was revealed (and what was hidden) in the latest footage. As Hamill spoke from the stage, there was a debate raging online about whether or not Luke Skywalker was even in the new clip. Well, he was, and it was one of the biggest things Hamill was able to confirm, so let’s start there.
That’s Hamill’s Voice Narrating The Start Of The New Trailer
I’m not sure why this even had to be clarified, but there was a lot of debate online over the weekend about who was speaking over the initial shots in Abrams’ new The Force Awakens trailer (above). Yahoo Movies reports that Mark Hamill received permission to confirm this to the crowd at Star Wars Celebration, and even admitted that he kept screwing up over one line reading. Instead of saying "my father has it," as can be heard in the trailer, Hamill said he kept saying "my father had it," implying past tense. As a result, the sound bite is a mixture of the original line reading from Return of the Jedi, and a new bit that Hamill says he recorded for this trailer. But by switching the tense from "had" to "has," does that reveal something significant about Darth Vader, and his place in this new trilogy?

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