Splice Director Telling Reverse Ghost Story With Haunter

Canadian director Vincenzo Natali is racking up quite a cool resume. After making a name for himself with the brutal and mind-bendy horror film Cube, he eventually went on to explore why you should never get too closely involved with your own genetic experiments in Splice. He also may be the guy who finally brings William Gibson's seminal cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer, to the big screen. Before we'll be seeing Natali's versions of Case and Molly, however, he director will be shooting a horror movie with a twist.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Natali will begin shooting Haunter, described as a "reverse ghost story," this March. I'm not crazy about that title, but the reverse thing has me intrigued. What exactly is a reverse ghost story? It doesn't mean we'll be seeing Casper living out Memento; rather, Haunter will tell a ghost story from the perspective of the actual ghost. It will focus on a spirit named Lisa, who has haunted the house in which she died since 1986. She begins haunting Olivia, a new resident, but in a benevolent way: she's trying to protect her.

The script is by a chap named Brian King. He only has a few produced credits to his name, but one of them was the 2002 movie Cypher, directed by, you guessed it, Vincenzo Natali. Obviously he impressed Natali enough to work together again, so hopefully Haunter will be something special. The "haunted house" genre has been thoroughly mined over the years, but maybe "reversing" the concept is just what is needed to liven things up (so to speak).