The only thing we really know about Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, aside from the fact that he's actually in the movie, is that we don’t know anything. J.J. Abrams has said that Luke's omission from marketing material is not an accident, and Mark Hamill admitted that if he blabs about a particular secret he’ll be out some serious money due to a stipulation in his contract. So what is the secret? Here are a few of the possibilities we came up with.

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He's Evil
This is the one that seems to be getting the most traction. The logic goes that J.J. Abrams can’t show us Luke Skywalker because if he does he’ll look less like we remember him, and more like his father, or possibly even Kylo Ren. While not everybody here ascribes to the theory, it is one possibility. Luke has been fighting against the Dark Side his entire life and after 30 years it’s certainly possible that he lost the struggle somewhere along the way and headed down that path.

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