J.J. Abrams Finally Admitted Star Wars 7 Is Hiding One Character

Ever since the one, two punch of the poster and the trailer for The Force Awakens, fans have been asking themselves one question, "Where in the bloody hell is Luke Skywalker?" His name is on the poster but he’s nowhere to be seen. As is normally the case when the internet lacks information, the speculation is running rampant, mostly in the "Luke’s gone to the dark side" direction. Well, somebody finally asked JJ Abrams about the case of the missing Skywalker and JJ’s response was his most JJ-ish to date.

The Associated Press asked JJ Abrams why Luke was nowhere to be seen and his first response was to say it was an important question that should be asked before going on to at least admit that there is a reason we haven’t seen the Jedi in any marketing material. He simply stated:

It’s no accident.

While Abrams' trollish tease was the most entertaining part of his time with AP it wasn’t the most newsworthy. The director also reported that the final cut of the film is still being worked on, although it sounds like it will be ready soon. The visual effects are another story. They are still underway and likely have another three to four weeks before they’ll be concluded, which will likely be after the final cut has been made. The other thing that’s still being worked on is the score. There’ll be another session with John Williams, who Abrams calls "a God," to finish off the film’s music.

While we know that Skywalker not being visible in the marketing is obviously not an accident -- that’s not an oversight that anybody rational could make -- we’re going to take JJ Abrams at his word here that this means that there’s a reason we can’t see him. It’s not just that he wants to surprise us in the film, but that simply seeing Luke Skywalker in the trailer would give away parts of the movie. It’s this idea that has led many to believe that Skywalker may turn out to be a bad guy in the forthcoming film, because if we saw him dressed as a Sith, we’d know too much going in. This is certainly a possibility though it doesn’t explain the image that was leaked out several months ago. Check out the full interview below.

So let the speculation go into high gear. We don’t know what the reason is, but we do know there is a reason. Is he bad? Is he dead? Maybe he’ll be a ghost. Let us know your theories below.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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