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We already knew that J.J. Abrams was playing around with the look of Star Wars' iconic X-Wings, but we now have our first look at this brand new addition to the Star Wars vehicle collection: the black and orange X-Wing.

star wars

Now I need to see it shooting fire out of the back, with a heavy bass track thumping the woofers on the underside of the wings. Let’s just hope Disney/Lucasfilm reveals its presence officially before the film premieres next year, so that they can unload a million different kinds of toys and models on us. Maybe even a toddler bed?

That photo and those below come to us from Latino-Review, who gained access to footage taken from a camera drone flying high above part of the set in England's Greenham Common. The drone is presumably safe from getting fired by J.J. Abrams for leaking all this. According to the scoop-friendly site, there are four supporting characters that will be piloting X-Wings, but it’s not clear exactly who they’ll be. Here’s a shot of the blue-tinted X-Wing that Abrams showed fans earlier this year.

star wars
Oscar Isaacs is reportedly the guy piloting the Falcon these days, so he probably won’t be pulling double duties with an X-Wing. And honestly, who even cares who’s in the new blue one? We just want to know what character is flying around the galaxy in style. Will it even be a Rebel pilot, or does the dark paint job signify someone with more nefarious plans is behind the controls? I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam Driver’s mean mug shouting commands from inside that cockpit. Or even Darth Vader himself, possibly in a fantasy dream sequence. I’ll take what I can get, people!

Back to the heroic side we go, with another look at the half-built Millennium Falcon that we saw a few days ago.

star wars
It’ll still undoubtedly be a while before Abrams and his secrecy-keeping cohorts come forth with any real information about who will be piloting these sweet ass rides, as Star Wars: Episode VII still won’t hit theaters until December 18, 2015. But use the Force and keep the speculation going in the comments.

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