Are Star Wars' Finn and Poe A Gay Couple? Here's What John Boyega Says

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally out in the world, and has been the cause of a myriad of fan theories since its release. From Rey’s lineage, Snoke’s identity, to Leia’s force capabilities, fans have taken to the boards to debate their thoughts on loose ends from The Force Awakens. One of the theories that has been gaining the most momentum is the possibility of a romance between the movie’s two male characters, Finn and Poe. However, John Boyega has an interview with Shortlist being released soon, and the editor gave us a teaser regarding his response to the rumor: 


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Well that puts a pretty serious kibosh to the theory. This denial is actually fairly surprising, as the signs had been piling up for a while now. Rumors began to circulate pretty much immediately after The Force Awakens was released. Finn and Poe have a seemingly instant connection, with Poe going so far as to give Finn his name. Oscar Isaac added fuel to the fire on a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, claiming Poe has an understated romance blooming. 

I think it’s very subtle romance that’s happening. You know, you have to just look very close — you have to watch it a few times to see the little hints. But there was.

After those statements, it feels very clear that there was something going on between Poe and Finn. Indeed, Poe didn’t even have any significant scenes with anyone besides Finn and Kylo Ren throughout the movie. And we can assume that he wasn’t feeling the love when he was being tortured for BB-8’s whereabouts. 

I recently saw The Force Awakens for the second time, and I was aware of this theory as I was watching. After Oscar Isaac’s statement I kind of saw the sparks. Finn and Poe have an immediately strong bond. Indeed, it felt more intimate than the platonic relationship we saw grow between Finn and Rey. Plus, there was the matter of Poe’s jacket which he gifted upon Finn and was worn by the former Stormtrooper throughout the entire movie. Bros typically don’t share clothes with other bros

Alas, John Boyega will apparently destroy the rumor in Shortlist’s upcoming piece. This begs the question: who was Oscar Isaac playing romance with in The Force Awakens? Perhaps his relationship General Leia was more intimate than we got to see? After all, she and Han shared only platonic and parental moments in their scenes together. Maybe Leia’s most trusted pilot is a little more than that. Or he REALLY likes BB-8.

Time will only tell who Poe is romancing; but one thing is clear: it ain’t Finn. 

Corey Chichizola
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