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Star Wars' First Look At Carrie Fisher's Daughter Is All About The Hair

Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd is an up and coming actresses in her own right. Unfortunately, don’t know much about the character that she will be playing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens...yet. The only thing we know for sure is that she’s isn’t playing the daughter of her mother’s character, Princess Leia. However, while the two characters may not be related by blood, it does appear that Leia may still have been an influence on the younger character as Billie Lourd’s hairstyle is distinctly Leia-esque.


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While the buns are not quite as intricate as those worn by Carrie Fisher in the first Star Wars movie, there’s no denying the similarities between the two. Considering the family resemblance, it’s no wonder all of the rumors surrounding the character are associated with Leia. One of the popular theories is that Billie Lourd will be playing a young Leia in some sort of flashback. While that rumor has never been explicitly denied, it seems unlikely as the series has never used that device in any of the six films we’ve seen. Additionally, they’d probably want to darken Lourd’s hair if they wanted her to look more like Leia. The lighter hair color in the image from Entertainment Weekly, implies an unrelated character

Women’s hairstyles have always been unique and interesting through the Star Wars saga. Carrie Fisher went through several interesting styles in her three films and the hair of Natalie Portman was turned into performance art during the prequels. What little we’ve seen of Carrie Fisher in the trailers shows that her current style is one of the more simple ones we’ve seen from her thus far. She can’t spend that much time with her hair anymore- she’s a general, she has work to do.

Regardless of what character Billie Lourd will be playing in The Force Awakens it’s good news for women in the Star Wars franchise. We’ve seen recently how few women, outside of Leia herself, had any lines in the original trilogy. We’re making an assumption here that Lourd will speak of course, and if she does that will put her alongside, her mother, Daisy Ridley and Gwendoline Christie at a bare minimum.

The hairstyle is most likely an homage to Billie Lourd’s mother, as fans who know her lineage will recognize it when they see her on screen. After seeing her performance in Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, we're eager to see how her role in The Force Awakens will play out. 

What do you think of the hair-do? 

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