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Everybody loves a good bit of cosplay. You know, dressing up like your favorite character in a movie, or show, or anime, and then going out in public somewhere for the masses to gawk and point at you as if you were some sort of escaped science experiment. For those of us living deeply in the realm of dorkdom, cosplay is awesome, and Atlanta based costuming company Outland Armor has just made it even better.

Too often do we see the standard Leia in a gold bikini or the exact replica Boba Fett costume walking around conventions, but Outland is changing the game with their recent steampunk Star Wars collection. The photos premiered over at the company's Facebook page where the gallery can be viewed in full, but you can catch a few below to whet your nerd appetite.

It's sort of refreshing when someone thinks outside the box, and while we've seen artists take a shot at adding the mechanical, metallic steampunk feel to the Star Wars universe, these costumes are certainly the most grand venture yet.

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