Star Wars Without The Music Is Seriously Awkward

The video below shows us what Star Wars' throne room scene would be like if Luke and Han make their way down the aisle to receive their medals without John Williams' score to set the tone...

What do you get when you take the victory music out of the victory celebration? A painfully slow sequence of moments, where everything seems just a little bit off. What a difference a good score makes. The video above comes courtesy Auralnauts's Youtube Channel, and as you've surely noticed, John Williams' powerful score is omitted right around the point where Luke, Han and Chewbacca are approaching Princess Leia, who's ready to offer them their awards, exchange some knowing smiles and receive that charming wink Han Solo throws Leia's way. Except the wink and the smiles seem a little less charming in this context.

It isn't just the lack of music that creates a sense of awkwardness in this scene, though the exclusion of the score does draw our attention to the fact that no one says anything to each other during this ceremony. Pretty much at all. To make the silence even more unsettling, some sound effects appear to have been worked into the video or altered, including some coughing and nose-blowing from the audience. R2-D2's beeping is taken out during his big moment, which makes his happy dance seem a bit more like anxious fidgeting. And Luke's laughter in response is just kind of weird.

Meanwhile, Chewie's iconic roar has been replaced by a scream and a groan. And the scene ends with all of them turning to the crowd for some mild applause that tapers off a bit too quickly, given the occasion.

The absence of John Williams' score -- and the addition of a few ambient noises -- turns the previously victorious tone of Star Wars' final scene into a slow, awkward ceremony that doesn't feel nearly as celebratory as it does with the music. For comparison's sake, go ahead and watch the scene where the music is included...

I'll repeat, what a difference a good score makes. Fortunately, John Williams will be returning to score Star Wars: Episode VII. Check him out in an interview he did, where he discusses returning to Star Wars and working with original material to develop new music...

Kelly West
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