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This was inevitable, no? Spoof-meisters Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg have carved out their niche making fun of blockbusters (and broad blockbuster genres) in movies like Epic Movie, Disaster Movie and the Scary Movie series. The Starving Games targets, obviously, The Hunger Games right as Catching Fire ramps up its publicity campaign. The new trailer just arrived on YouTube, and it’s … well, as dated and immature as you might have expected.

Hugh Janus? Really? That joke might have been funny 15 years ago, when Bart Simpson used it to prank Moe the bartender on The Simpsons.

Then there was that time a weatherman fell for that prank on live television!

OK, I take it back. There probably is a huge audience out there for these types of jokes.

The trailer actually give away what I assume is the entire movie. Then again, it’s basically just the original Hunger Games with, but with bad jokes. Then, at the end of the clip, Friedberg and Seltzer cram in more jokes to capitalize on such pop-culture touchstones as Tim Tebow, The Lord of the Rings, Angry Birds, Avatar and, of course, The Avengers. Here’s the type of humor you are bound to get from The Starving Games.

What I don’t understand is that these movies don’t make a lot of money back. The 2010 Twilight spoof Vampires Suck only earned $36.6 million. Disaster Movie did half of that ($14.1M) in 2008. Capitalizing on the success of The Hunger Games could help, but probably not. People want to see this, not tired spoofs:

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