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In a little over a week, Twilight fans will be able to purchase tickets for the release of the highly anticipated final installment of the feature adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's beloved vampire series. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 arrives in theaters this November, and from what Kellan Lutz says, fans will want to stick around for the credits from the movie, as there's apparently something planned for that.

Kellan Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films told The Insider (via ComingSoon) that there's something set to take place during the credits of the upcoming final movie, when discussing what director Bill Condon did with the film. "They're gonna love it, and Bill even told me that, stay for the credits -- there's a really special thing happening."

Lutz also mentioned some changes (or "a little more flavor") made to the adaptation. "Every film's been building and building, and Bill Condon really had a great idea with ending the series with Breaking Dawn 2, and just adding a little more flavor to parts of the book that weren't there, but he elaborated more on," Lutz said, not going into any specifics on what "flavor" entails.

We've already heard a bit about changes that have been made from what was in the book to what we'll see when the story wraps up with the second part of Breaking Dawn. Back in August, we learned that author Stephenie Meyer and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg sat down for dinner and dreamed up a new sequence that will be featured near or at the end of the movie. Again, there were no details there, but from what we've seen in the recent trailer, it's probably fair to speculate that this might include a little less talk and a bit more action at the end of the movie when the Cullens and their vampire (and werewolf) friends face off against the Volturi.

As for what might be shown in the credits, we can only guess. But this news gives fans a little bit more to look forward to as November approaches. Fans hoping to purchase advance tickets for Breaking Dawn Part 2 or the Twilight movie marathon will be able to do that on October 1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 arrives in theaters November 16. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.