Stephen Chow Quits The Green Hornet

When Stephen Chow was announced as the director of Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet, it seemed like the perfect fit. The film is supposed to be a mix of superhero action and over the top, action-oriented comedy. That’s Chow’s forte, having pulled it off in great kung fu comedy movies like Kung Fu Hustle. It seemed like a match made in heaven, but the whole thing is already going to hell.

Variety reports that Chow is no longer directing The Green Hornet. Word is that Chow quit over creative differences. Except it seems they weren’t big enough differences to make him sever his ties with the movie entirely. He’s still acting in the film, as the movie’s second lead and The Green Hornet’s sidekick Kato.

I can’t imagine how that works. The direction their taking with the movie is good enough for him to act in, but not good enough to direct? You’d think if he’s appearing in the film and he’s concerned about its direction creatively, then he’d want to retain as much control as possible, if only to protect his own performance. Or maybe it’s not that he’s opposed to what they want done with the movie, but rather than he doubts his ability to pull it off? This is Stephen Chow, insanity is his middle name. It’s hard to imagine either the studio or the film’s producers imagining anything which he can’t handle.

Whatever the reason, Chow is out of the chair and The Green Hornet is looking for a new director. They expect to have a new helmer in place before the year’s over, which leaves them two weeks to get it done. Action-comedy with martial arts elements… why do I smell Brett Ratner? Please god no.

Josh Tyler