Stephen Dorff Says Blade Spin-Off Will Be Like Scarface With Vampires

Back before vampires got all sparkly and became more about abstinence parables than blood-sucking, we had action movies like Blade and demons of the night like Deacon Frost, played by Stephen Dorff. Though the movie wasn't what you would call "great," particularly in the light of the amazing comic book adaptations that have come out in the last few years, it was a lot of fun and Dorff's character was pretty cool baddie that was sadly killed and left out of the two sequels (Blade: Trinity could have been good!...maybe). Well, I have some good news for Deacon Frost fans.

Dorff has confirmed to Dark Lord Bunnykins that he has been working with Stephen Norrington, the director of the first Blade movie, and developing an idea for a Deacon Frost spin-off that would serve as a prequel to the Wesley Snipes films. Commenting on the original, Dorff said that the first movie was "such a ‘90s thing" and that the new movie would "do a whole other thing which was much more today," and compared it to Scarface. Apparently Dorff and Norrington are so interested in the idea that if New Line doesn't let them use the character, than they will rename him and take the idea somewhere else.

The actor, of course, just starred in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere which won the prestigious Golden Lion award at this year's Venice Film Festival. Deacon Frost was actually my favorite part of Blade, so I'd be welcoming this prequel idea with open arms. Make it happen, Dorff and Norrington!

Eric Eisenberg
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