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While most of the eyes of the comic book movie world are squarely focused on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will be out in only a couple more months, there’s another DC movie hitting this summer which is promising an even more wild ride, and if this new image of the Suicide Squad is any indication, it’s going to be completely nuts.

While we’re not sure exactly what these six members of the team are looking at in this image, they are each having very different reactions to it. Let’s start with Jai Courtney. Captain Boomerang looks absolutely terrified by whatever is on the other side of the camera. On the other side of the frame, Harley Quinn has her normal reaction to it, which is to smile like a lunatic. Most of the rest of the team is just ready to kill it. Except Croc, who probably wants to eat it -- whatever "it" is. The setting appears to be a fairly generic office building, so it doesn’t tell us very much.

While this image doesn’t show us nearly the entire team, it does put Katana, as played by Karen Fukuhara, front and center, which is nice, since she didn’t have the greatest placement in the big cast photo that was released a few months back. She looked like an afterthought there, but here she’s absolutely part of the Suicide Squad. Welcome to the team!

We likely won’t see a great deal of Suicide Squad promotion until Batman v Superman is finally released, though we also won’t be surprised to see a new trailer for the film attached to Dawn of Justice as it’s always good to remind the theater patrons about when you want them to come back. The movie, directed by David Ayer, is still looking like something of an odd choice to be located so early in the DC film schedule, as everything else that DC is focused on is building toward the Justice League films, and the individual character films that will follow it. The only follow up from Suicide Squad that we have is the possibility that Deadshot may make an appearance in the next Batman movie starring Ben Affleck. On the one hand, it’s great to see something coming out of this movie, on the other, it seems like a waste of a bunch of great characters and great actors. And also Jai Courtney.

Does this image make you that much more excited for Suicide Squad? Is it possible for you to be more excited? We’re looking forward to this unusual team-up movie when it hits theaters this August.