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Super Troopers didn’t invent the term "cult classic," but it certainly has earned it over the years. Back in 2001, the Broken Lizard troupe comedy about Vermont State Troopers on the verge of losing their jobs took several film festivals by storm (including Sundance and South By Southwest). It earned mild critical praise, and earned more than enough money to call itself a hit. But Super Troopers also is one of those movies that ALWAYS flirts with the notion of a sequel – and now Super Troopers 2 is back in the conversation.

Why? Because Super Troopers director (and co-star) Jay Chandrasekhar conducted a Reddit AMA and told fans:
Super Troopers 2 is looking very likely. We'll have an update in a couple of months."

Great! He even said that Super Troopers 2 likely is the troupe’s "next" movie, and they plan to do Potfest after. But that wasn’t enough. So fans kept lobbing questions at Jay Chandrasekhar, who eventually went on to explain:
Super Trooper 2 is going to do a Kickstarter. … When we get Super Troopers 2 done, we're going to tour together as a group. One of the Kickstarter prizes is going to be us coming to town, doing a show and having a private party screening with the donors."

And before he punched out, Jay Chandrasekhar fielded one more Super Troopers 2 question, promising, "bigger, thicker mustaches for one. Uhm, Farva will be more of a dick. I might show my dick. Fun stuff like that."

Since directing Super Troopers, Jay Chandrasekhar has developed into a go-to comic director. The point of the AMA was to promote an Amazon series Really with Scrubs star Sarah Chalke. He has been very active directing televison episodes for shows like Community, Happy Endings, Chuck and Arrested Development. His films included Beerfest and that Dukes of Hazzard remake, as well as the recent The Babymakers. But every time there is a microphone in front of Chandrasekhar, he is asked about the possibility of a Super Troopers sequel. It’s similar to the Arrested Development folks fielding questions about new seasons or a movie. That stopped when they made it. So make Super Troopers 2 and the pressure to continue the brand may fade.

Will you contribute to a Super Troopers 2 Kickstarter if and when it opens to contributions? Will you try to lure Chandrasekhar and his team to your town? Help make Super Troopers 2 a reality, folks, so Jay Chandrasekhar can start answering questions about Super Troopers 3.