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For those of you that celebrate Christmas, you're officially in the holly-jolly red zone. With just two days left before that most wonderful time of the year, it's time to pour some egg nog and watch a holiday classic. Or, if you want to be a speed demon about it, you can watch this awesome highlight reel to all of the greats, shown below.

The Matinee provided the holiday merriment, as they crafted the simply titled "Christmas Movie Supercut!" You could imagine that title scrawled on a VHS that your parents keep in their box of holiday offerings. Of course, by now you've probably had it converted to DVD or Blu-ray, so as to fit this collection of holiday moments next to your copies of Elf, Scrooged and The Polar Express. Especially because after catching some of your favorite moments in this collection just might inspire you to have a spontaneous Christmas movie night. Of course, the "Christmas Movie Supercut!" isn't only limited to Christmas-centric films, as it also covers films that just happened to be set around Christmas time.

Most notably, Die Hard, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, and The Ref all get some yuletide love, as they all feature moments punctuated by the season. The balance between both factions of film manages to lend an extremely effective flow to the proceedings, as well as allows us to see Christopher Walken handing out gifts to the city of Gotham – set to the tune of Bill Nighy's Christmas themed cover of "Love Is All Around." If that doesn't do it for you, then try the transition between Die Hard and A Christmas Story. Hans Gruber never did stop to worry about any of his henchmen shooting their eyes out, did he?

From Santa to Scrooge, and all of the shopping trips along the way, Christmas has been known to inspire some really classic films, with equally legendary speeches and monologues. For a time of the year that's focused on the joy and goodness we try to embody for that last window of time before the new year, even screenwriters are inspired with the magic of the holiday. Crafting moments of both comedy and warmth that stick with us as we experience them with those we love, it is their work that helps signal the time for merriment has arrived. After all, it isn't really Christmas until you've seen at least one version of A Christmas Carol with those closest to you. But if you're really pressed for time between courses, spark up the "Christmas Movie Supercut!" and prepare to smile!