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Like any good rumor, the one related to a Wonder Woman appearance in Batman vs Superman has slowly generated more and more momentum. The whispers began back in October when the studio admitted it had plans for the crime fighter. They got a little louder thanks to some comments from a Warner Bros executive, and they really took off earlier this week when Thor actress Jaime Alexander kinda sorta implied she may have read the script. Well, the fine folks over at Warner Bros are still sticking by the long-winded no comments they’ve been uttering all along, but sources close to the production are singing a different tune.

According to Variety, three actress either have or will soon audition for a mysterious part in the upcoming Superman vs Batman film that sounds quite a bit like Diana Prince. Let me hit you with the casting description: "tall, brunette, athletic and exotic." That could easily be Wonder Woman, or less excitingly, it could be some new woman Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will try to take back to his bat bedroom.

As for the specific actresses in play, the outlet claims the women are Olga Kurylenko of Magic City fame, G.I. Joe: Retaliation’s Elodie Yung and Gal Gadot from Fast And Furious. As per usual, however, if director Zack Snyder and the various other decision makers on the property aren’t seeing what they’re looking for, they will call in more hot foreign or foreign-ish dark haired women to fill what may well be one of the most sought-after female parts in the history of Hollywood.

So, is this actually going to turn out to be Wonder Woman? Well, the short answer is we don’t know. The long answer is there are distinct reasons to think both yes and no.

The case for yes: It would behoove Warner Bros and DC Comics to introduce as many characters into the universe in order to make a Justice League movie seem smooth and layered down the road. Beyond that, introducing upcoming characters would also make it easier to transition them into their own films later on. Marvel has greatly benefitted from planning so far ahead, and it stands to reason Warner Bros would want to take from their example. Besides, it benefits everyone in the known universe to have some more present superheroes that aren’t white dudes somewhere between twenty-five and fifty years old.

The case for no: If Warner Bros is really planning to make Wonder Woman as much of a priority as they seem to be indicating, it stands to reason they might be at least considering some bigger names. With all due respect to the three women involved here, I had to let you know what movies they’ve been in. Yes, it’s entirely possible they could ultimately choose an unknown, but it seems odd that they already would have made that decision before screentesting anyone. Beyond that, Bruce Wayne will need a love interest. If all of these Wonder Woman rumors hadn’t popped up already, we probably would have all assumed this random chick was simply going to be his one-off girlfriend in Batman vs Superman.

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