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Superman Unmasked: Henry Cavill Shares First Look At Batman v Superman's Clark Kent

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When Man of Steel drew to a close, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) was welcoming her new colleague, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), to "the Planet." She meant the newspaper, as well as to the third rock from the sun that Clark – as Kal-El – chose to save from General Zod (Michael Shannon). We know that Cavill is gearing up to reprise his superhero role in Zack Snyder’s anticipated Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, and now we know what he’ll look like as the mild-manned reporter.

Standing next to a director’s chair labeled "Clark," Henry Cavill posed for a pic shared by the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund on the group’s Twitter feed. As you can see, he’s holding a shirt supporting the group. And by the looks of the background, he’s standing on a set loaded with construction equipment that Snyder no doubt is going to use to help Cavill reach new heights as Superman in the Man of Steel sequel. Similar to this:

Something crucial is missing to this Clark Kent look, though. Have you noticed it? If Henry Cavill truly is in "Clark Kent" mode in this image, he’s missing his glasses. EVERYONE WILL KNOW HE IS SUPERMAN NOW!! Get your specs on, Clark, or Lois (Amy Adams) will crack the code and reveal your secret to Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and the members of the Justice League!

Henry Cavill Clark Kent

Zack Snyder, by multiple accounts, has been filming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice for weeks now, and we’re anticipating seeing footage from the 2016 superhero epic at Comic-Con in July. It’s hard to believe that we have to wait nearly two more years to see Batman take on Superman in a .blockbuster throw down that is going to theoretically map put DC Comics’ Cinematic Universe for the next 5-10 years. No pressure. But yeah, right now, Henry Cavill sure looks like Clark Kent, who looks like Superman. Now, bring on the Bat!

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