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Following the casting of all of the vampire clans earlier this month, we hoped and prayed that the casting of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn was finally over. You'd think that by the fourth film most of the characters have been established, but apparently they need to specifically cast every individual in the town of Forks, Washington. Now they've added eight new names onto the pile.

Summit Entertainment has issued a press release announcing that Olga Fonda (Love Hurts), Janelle Froehlich (Hacienda Heights), Masami Kosaka (The Runaways), Sebastiao Lemos (Brazilian TV series Força-Tarefa), Amadou Ly (The Tested, The Bridge), Ty Olsson (X2), Wendell Pierce (Ray), and Carolina Virguez (Spanish TV series Matalobos) have all joined the cast, though no character names are specified. Olsson is probably the most recognizable in the group, having played the security guard that Mystique drugs and Magneto kills in the second X-Men film. I'm fairly certain that nearly every adult male would rather suffer that fate then have to sit through two more Twilight films, but I can't be certain (I didn't have enough time to take a poll before I wrote the story, so I'll take one now).

To All Adult Males, Which Would You Rather Have Happen:

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