The idea of seeing a Texas Chainsaw massacre film in 3D isn’t appealing. Leatherface and his inbred, hillbilly relatives always struck me as grotesquely authentic and, unlike Jason or Chucky, able to step off the screen and into my theater. The separation between the theater screen and the audience provided slim comfort. All I had to do was stay out of rural Texas and I’d be fine, right?

Well, Lionsgate is rebooting the franchise with a 3D edition that reaches theaters in January, and they’ve got a new poster to help sell audiences. And as you might have guessed, it’s hauntingly macabre and nightmarish. We have it in our gallery. Enjoy:

John Luessenhop directs this new Texas Chainsaw (which drops the “Massacre”), following Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario, Hall Pass, Percy Jackson & The Olympians) on a trip back to Texas to collect an inheritance. There, she encounters a chainsaw-wielding maniac. Body parts fly.

The IMDB list suggests, though, that Luessinhop will reference Chainsaw movies of the past. While Dan Yeager is credited with playing Leatherface in this updated, 2013 version, vintage Leatherface actor Gunnar Hansen – who originated the role back in 1974 – will appear in archival footage. It’s unclear just how this new movie will attempt to connect to the multiple Massacre movies of the past. But we’re guessing that so long as Daddario is running around a cavernous, dusty maze as she avoids the whirring blade of Leatherface’s power tool, the fans of this often-disturbing horror franchise will be pleased.

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