It's rare that a film franchise, regardless of success, makes it past its third installment (just look at any collection of superhero movies for proof), but this year will see the release of Fast Five, the fourth sequel to 2001's The Fast And The Furious. The series has seen its ups and downs in the past decade, but with the last film, Fast and Furious, the biggest money maker so far, there's no reason to expect the train to stop any time soon. Hence why there's already talk for a sixth film.

Collider recently spoke with producer Neal Moritz who has confirmed that both he and star Vin Diesel have already started plotting out the future for the franchise after Fast Five. It's only been four or five weeks since the newest film, which is set for a release date on April 29, wrapped, but the producer and actor have used that time not thinking about the series and are now planning to dive right back into it.

While I can't imagine it's too hard to script a Fast and the Furious movie at this point - scene 1) have characters steal something; scene 2) have them escape in an epic car chase sequence; scene 3) have the bad guys lose and the good guys win - I would think that the biggest challenge is coming up with another title that can still be linked to the original. After all, there are only so many ways to arrange the words "Fast" and "Furious" before you begin repeating yourself.

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