Theaters Pull United 93 Trailer

Is the world ready for a 9/11 movie? Apparently not. Richard over at FilmStalker dug up an article from Newsweek with anecdotal evidence of bad audience reaction.

According to Newsweek, audience reaction to the very brief teaser playing in theaters for United 93 has been extreme and in some cases borderline mental. At Gruman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, audience members shouted "Too soon!" at the screen. In New York City, one woman reportedly burst into tears. The trailer was pulled from screens at AMC theaters in Manhattan after complaints.

If the trailer is getting pulled, what the heck does this mean for the movie? Some of these reactions are a little ridiculous. Tears? Come on now people. There's not enough in this trailer to cry over. It's very brief, and shows absolutely nothing. It's only a teaser. But you can't help but understand the reaction from many that it's "too soon". Granted, it has been five years but with absolutely nothing from that day yet solved, it's still a very open wound.

So if theaters are pulling the trailer, how many will pull the movie? Or maybe a better question is whether anyone will want to carry it in the first place? Should the film's distributor, Universal, reconsider?

So far, Universal Pictures has remained resolute. They've refused to pull the United 93 trailer. It will continue to play… at least in places where theater owners allow it. But what if there are protests? There have already been rumblings to that effect from the ultra-conservative lunatic fringe.

If people have problems with Paul Greengrass' take on 9/11, they're really going to love Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. Luckily for Stone, United 93 will be first to test the water. Stone or Greengrass, it doesn't look like audiences are ready to roll out the welcome mat just yet.

Josh Tyler