Thor 2 Trailer In Depth: Malekith's Ship, Loki's Prison, And Asgardian Mysteries

Now that we have our first real look at Thor: The Dark World thanks to last night's fast-paced trailer, there are lots more mysteries to sort through. The glimpse of Game of Thrones veteran Alan Taylor's style with the outdoor battle scenes was reassuring; the suggestion of a love triangle between Thor, Jane and Sif was a little worrying; Loki's metal band lead singer hairstyle was totally mystifying.

And of course, the best way to sort through these mysteries is to go through the trailer step by step and find all the best moments. Join us as we pick through the most interesting screenshots from the new trailer, and try to figure out where this latest journey to Asgard is going to lead us.

Early on in the trailer we see this haunting sight, as an alien ship seems to be cutting straight through the Thames and into central London. Jane, Darcy and some colleagues appear to be on the ground as the destruction happens. Is this Malekith attacking Earth to get at Jane? Even though it comes at the beginning of the trailer, we really have no way of knowing if it's at the beginning of the film as well.

After Thor comes back to Earth and sweeps Jane off her feet, literally, through some impressive Asgardian travel tactics, he leaves this mysterious emblem burned into the ground, and clearly blow's Darcy's mind. We still don't exactly know how Thor is managing to come back and forth between Asgard and Earth, but this emblem-- which we didn't see anywhere in The Avengers-- suggests something new is happening.

Jane arrives in Asgard and, understandably, has her mind blown by what she sees. But she also earns a pretty nasty glare from Sif (Jaimie Alexander), Thor's pal who's apparently developing a little jealousy about this human intruder. And Jane also spends some time with her prospective mother-in-law (Rene Russo), which could be just as awkward.

This shot is thrown into the trailer around the minute mark as if it's no big deal, but it's really intriguing-- that's Thor and Jane walking on what appears to be earth, right behind Loki. Yes, Loki, who doesn't show up until much later in the trailer, essentially as a surprise. Does this shot come after the jailbreak somehow? About that jailbreak:

That room where Thor is throwing dudes against the wall is definitely the same one where we first see Tom Hiddleston looking for all the world like The Crow even though he's still supposed to be Loki. Is this one brother breaking another out of jail? Sure looks like it.

With Loki and Thor teaming up, that leaves us needing another bad guy, who this time around is Malekith the Dark Elf, played by erstwhile Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston. This terrifying cavern is most likely the interior of his ship, while our best look at the man himself seems to come later on, as he approaches what really looks like Odin's chambers:

Check out even more screenshots from the trailer in the gallery below, and share your thoughts on anything else you thought was cool in the comments!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend