Is Thor's Half-Brother Loki The Big Avengers Villain?

The Marvel super-project The Avengers starts shooting in April, which means it's time for the cast to get together, for some sets to be built, and for some plot details to be hammered out. And Latino Review think they've figured out one of the big ones: exactly which villain the Avengers will be facing. Rumors have been flying around about this very topic for months, with The Skrulls a popular choice. The Latino Review rumor incorporates that alien race, but maybe not in the way we've been expecting.

According to their source, the actual big villain of the film will be Loki, Thor's half-brother and nemesis who will also be the bad guy of this summer's Thor, played by Tom Hiddleston. Latino Review says Hiddleston will be back to play the part, and in The Avengers he's getting power from none other than the Cosmic Cube, that great force that's at the center of the other big Marvel film coming this summer, Captain America. Loki gets his hands on the Cosmic Cube and uses it to summon-- dum dum dum!-- the Skurlls. Chaos ensues, Avengers assemble, etc. etc.

Of course consider this just a rumor for now, but Latino Review is known to be pretty reliable with their Marvel information, so take this one seriously. The setup seems like a perfect way to unite the worlds of Captain America and Thor, using those two films as jumping-off points for The Avengers, and that makes me even more inclined to believe it. But let me know what you think in the comments-- I bow to pretty much everyone else when it comes to actual comic book knowledge.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend