Tom Hanks Gets A Wife For His Miracle On The Hudson Movie

If you can land Tom Hanks as your film's dramatic lead, you're already on your way to forming a cast worth the time of your audience. When you bring Aaron Eckhart as his first co-star, the marquee starts to brighten even more – especially considering Clint Eastwood is the director lucky enough to be guiding both actors in a biopic based off of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger's cracker jack landing on the Hudson River. With the breaking news that Laura Linney has been cast as his wife in that very film, you can bet Eastwood's latest film has a cast that award voters and casting directors alike are drooling over.

The Hollywood Reporter obtained the scoop that the three-time Academy Award nominee has been cast in Sully, alongside Hanks and Eckhart who were previously announced. This film is a reunion of sorts, as Linney had previously worked with Eastwood on both 1997's Absolute Power and 2003's Mystic River. Audiences had last seen Laura Linney in a pivotal supporting role in Bill Condon's Mr. Holmes, which is a role that could land her with her fourth Academy Award nomination. Though if that doesn't do the trick, then her role in Sully could land her a nod, and quite possibly the win.

With the role of Lorraine Sullenberger, Laura Linney has a pretty good chance of winning an Academy Award for a couple of good reasons. First, Clint Eastwood films are practically breeding grounds for Best Actor/Actress nominations, the most recent of which was Bradley Cooper's nomination this past January for American Sniper. Eastwood is an actor's director, so teaming him with a powerhouse like Linney is like lining up a row of cans to be shot down by a rocket launcher. Second, and most important, is the fact that Linney is already a multiple nominee and she's quite frankly overdue for some golden prestige.

Regardless of the odds of her winning an award, hiring Laura Linney to work with Tom Hanks is something that just makes sense. Much like Hanks, Linney is one of those actors who always brings their A-game, even if the film they're acting in doesn't bother to reciprocate. With Clint Eastwood's directorial efforts not always measuring up, it will at the very least be intriguing to watch two of the most talented, and most likable, actors on screen together as they discuss the trials and tribulations of what it means to be a hero.

Of course, Laura Linney isn't putting all of her eggs in one basket, as she's also set to star in Genius - the story about famed Scribner book editor Max Perkins; and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, in an unspecified role that's as secretive as ever. With Sully on her upcoming slate, it's safe to say that this is the movie we're most looking forward to out of Linney's rapidly forming resume.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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