Since co-writing the screenplay for the 2010 crime drama The Town alongside star and director Ben Affleck, Peter Craig's name has been attached to two fairly big sequel projects, Bad Boys 3 and more recently, Top Gun 2. As is the case with many sequels, especially for beloved films from years ago, expectations are likely to be set very high for both projects. The same might be said for feature adaptation of a popular book. However, that's probably less of an issue for Roger Hobbs' novel The Ghostman, considering the book won't hit shelves until next year. Regardless, Warner Bros snatched up the rights for the novel already, and it seems they've found their man to adapt the screenplay.

Variety reports that The Town co-writer Peter Craig has been tapped to pen the screenplay for The Ghostman. The story centers on a man whose job it is to clean up problems and assist fugitives in disappearing. "The character is persistent on staying out of trouble until he is dragged into a casino heist gone bad with his mentor caught in the middle." He has two days to fix the situation before a ruthless kingpin kills his mentor.

One of the things that worked well for The Town was the humanization of the characters, particularly Affleck's character Doug, who as a bank robber, obviously wasn't a morally perfect man, but who wasn't painted as a villain either. The focus was more on the bank robbers than it was on the crime itself. Not having read The Ghostman, it's impossible for me to draw major comparisons between the characters in that book and The Town, but it sounds like Craig's experience in crime drama may prove to be useful in this feature adaptation, at the very least.
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