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Toy Story 4 Just Ran Into A Huge Speed Bump

The toys are back in town… only, you aren’t going to get to see them in action as quickly as you might have hoped.

Prior to today, we were under the impression that Pixar was going to have Toy Story 4 in theaters on June 16, 2017. That’s no longer the case. Today has been a massive date reshuffling for Disney, Marvel and all of their assorted avenues, and in the process, Toy Story 4 got bumped. By a year. The new release date for the anticipated animated sequel will be June 15, 2018! They even got a new logo (which looks very much like all of the old logos from the franchise):

It’s official: Toy Story 4 will open in US theatres June 15, 2018!Posted by Toy Story on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why the delay? Well, it appears that Pixar is moving ahead on a different sequel before it’s going to catch back up with Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen) and the gang from Andy’s toy box. Pixar officially announced that Cars 3 will take that June 16, 2017 slot vacated by Toy Story 4. And if you felt bad about having to wait for Toy Story 4, well… we have incredibly bad news about The Incredibles 2. It won’t be in theaters until 2019!

It’s official: The Incredibles 2 will open in US theatres June 21, 2019!Posted by The Incredibles on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Much like Marvel, Pixar is planning for the long term, snatching up release dates and strategizing its release schedule. At the moment, this returns Pixar to its one-a-year schedule, with 2017 being the lone exception. That’s when Lee Unkrich’s Coco is expected to open on November 22… which also is the only non-sequel on Pixar’s radar for the time being. For now, how do you feel about having to wait so long for the movies in our favorite Pixar franchises? Are you glad they are taking their time to get them right? Or would you rather John Lasseter, Brad Bird and the creative minds at Pixar ramp up production so we could revisit these beloved worlds sooner?

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