Director Darren Lynn Bousman hasn’t had a Halloween release in a while, but is returning to the horror genre this year with 11-11-11, to be released on that date. Shock Till You Drop has gotten their hands on a new teaser for the film, but sadly it’s hardly worth watching.
11-11-11 follows a man who’s lost his wife and child and returns to Barcelona to be with his father and brother. He soon begins noticing recurring numbers, 11s, in his life and that quickly leads him down a dark path of religion, fear, and the Devil himself. The concept as a whole sounds interesting, but this new trailer doesn’t do it any justice. Check it out below.

Right from the get go this trailer feels like it’s advertising a direct-to-DVD sequel for a really bad horror movie. The cheesy voice, the flashy fire effects, this shows off nothing except a little backstory and some sort of crappy effects. Sure, Bousman’s biggest hits were his Saw films, but editing a trailer that caters to people who are looking for more of that isn’t going to do this film any favors.

We saw the first trailer for this back in July and it shows off the actual storyline of the main character and that this isn’t going to just be another Saw ripoff from Bousman. We know he can make movies outside of that franchise, so the studio should let it seem that way with its marketing. 11-11-11 will hit theaters in about a month.

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