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Love Happens is another movie about unrealistic people who live unrealistic lives and have too cool jobs which they can ignore while they spend all their time pursuing true love. You’d think the self-help guru would be dead as a character after The Love Guru but nope, he rears his ugly head here as Aaron Eckhart plays a motivational speaker and author trying to meet cute the hell out of a florist/caterer/hot chick played by Jennifer Aniston.

I dare you to watch this trailer without laughing. Not because it’s trying to be funny but because it’s just that ridiculous. I held out until the shot of Aaron Eckhart running through the forest, for love of course, before I started to cackle. I can’t wait to see this. Bruno you have no chance. Jennifer Aniston has the funniest movie of the year.

Watch the first trailer for Love Happens in high-res over at Yahoo or in Blend-res below. I’ve also included a first look at the film’s poster, click it to see even more new images from Love Happens in our image gallery.

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