Comedian Mike Birbiglia has long been mining his life and personal foibles for material in his stand-up act, creating a persona that's self-effacing, sweet and silly. In 2008, he reconfigured elements from his act and from his life together to create the one-man show Sleepwalk With Me, which went on to become a book in 2011, and later a narrative film that took Sundance by storm last winter.

Based on true stories of Birbiglia's problems with sleepwalking and fear of commitment, Sleepwalk With Me unfolds the story of wannabe stand-up comic Matt Pandamiglio, whose comedy career kicks into gear just as his long-term girlfriend pushes for marriage. Check out the film's first trailer below, or in hi-res at Apple:

Beyond being a story about a relationship in crisis, Sleepwalk With Me is also a charming tale about a comedian finding his voice. As Birbiglia gigs around to lackluster stand-up opportunities, he not only begins to experiment with different jokes, but also begins to work out some of his personal anxieties through comedy. It's a premise that should appeal to comedy nerds, as will the bevvy of stand-up stars who cameo, including Kristen Schaal, Amy Schumer, and Marc Maron.

But this daffy yet insightful comedy will certainly appeal to another division of nerd culture: those of us who adore This American Life. Produced by some of the perennial favorite podcast's producers, and co-written by Ira Glass, Sleepwalk With Me also offers the kind of thoughtful and thought-provoking narrative that This American Life has become known for.

Sleepwalk With Me opens in theaters August 24th.

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