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Two new trailers in our big bag of trailer trash this evening. Take off the twisty tie and click play.

It’s Halloween and everyone’s got spookery on the brain, but before we get down to the business of making your skin crawl I’ve got a completely un-scary trailer for the new Diane Keaton/Queen Latifah/Katie Holmes heist movie. With the recent box office track record of female led films Mad Money may have a rough road ahead if it if they want to convince anyone to see it. Having Katie Holmes doesn’t help either, people seem to think that merely uttering her name will result in instant brainwashing into Scientology. But the trailer’s decent and Katie seems to have recaptured at least some of that onscreen innocence she lost when Tom and his holocaust cloak wearing cronies fouled her. Play the embed below and check out the first trailer for Mad Money:

Mad Money

So now that we’ve gotten Queen Latifah out of the way (and that’s no easy thing), it’s time to delve into the world of things that go bump in the night. After Dark Films is bringing the multi-movie horror film festival they did last year back for another go-round. They’re bringing with them eight new creepy features designed to satisfy even the blackest of hearts. Unfortunately, they aren’t releasing it on Halloween, which to me seems a miscalculation of epic proportions. Instead, After Dark’s Horrorfest 2007 will play in theaters from November 9 – 18. It looks like Saw IV will have the horror crowd to itself this Wednesday, but if you can wait, here’s a look at what Horrorfest 07’ has in store for you. Click play on the embed to watch four trailers from Horrorfest. The first is a general trailer for the event, followed by film specific trailers for some of the 8 movies they’ll be bleeding across the screen:

After Dark’s Horrorfest 2007

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