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Adrien Brody would apparently never settle for being typecast. Though he made a name for himself with (and won an Oscar for) his performance in Roman Polanski's The Pianist, this year alone he starred in the action movie Predators, the comedy HIGH School and a thriller based on the Stanford Prison Experiment called The Experiement. Now he's throwing a new one into the mix: self-contained mystery.

In the trailer for Wrecked, courtesy of MTV, Brody wakes up in a destroyed car with three dead men and no memory of who he is. Piece by piece, however, he begins to put things together and when he turns on the radio, he discovers a horrible secret: he's just committed a bank robbery. What's strange, however, is that while the movie seems to focus on his isolation at the start of the trailer, suddenly there are quite a few more people, leading me to think that the film will probably have a non-linear structure and a lot of flashbacks (that is, unless he somehow makes it back to civilization on that broken leg of his).

Check out the trailer below.

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