What happened to immersive viral marketing? Back in 2008, before the release of The Dark Knight, websites were opening up all over the place, giving fans puzzles to complete, locations to visit and cool promotional materials. It was considered the future of big movie marketing, but what do we have now? I'm still waiting to hear if I got that job at Stark Industries, and despite a strong start from the Tron viral marketing team, there has been no motion at either FlynnLives.com or Home of Tron. Or has there?

A reader over at Comingsoon.net named Angel Bidot has received a package from Flynn Lives that not only contained a model of Bit saying "no," but also a link to a new website: FlynnLives.com/ZeroHour. On the page are groups of Bit saying yes or no, which readers discovered was binary code and a countdown that is estimated to end at 2:30PM on February 24th . What comes at the end? A new trailer? A new puzzle? Who the hell knows, we're just here for the ride.

Check out the photos of the package over at Comingsoon.net and when that countdown hits zero, you can be sure that we will post whatever shows up.

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