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True Blood's Luke Grimes To Play Christian Grey's Brother In Fifty Shades Of Grey

Following word that Once Upon a Time’s Jamie Dornan will play the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey feature adaptation comes the news that dreamy True Blood newcomer Luke Grimes has signed on to play Christian’s older brother Elliot.

Deadline posted the news today, stating the Grimes has signed on for the film, which is based on E.L. James’ steamy novel. The sexually charged story follows Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), an innocent college grad who falls for the wealthy but troubled young billionaire Christian Grey (Dornan). Elliot’s more of a supporting character in the story, playing Christian’s older (also adopted) brother, and the eventual boyfriend to Ana’s best friend Kate.

With production expected to start soon on the film, we should hopefully be seeing the rest of the cast filled out, as Kate and Mia (Christian and Elliot’s younger sister) have yet to be cast, in addition to some of the other supporting roles. The movie is being directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson based on a script adapted by Kelly Marcel. The movie is expected to arrive in theaters next summer.

To look at Grimes, I can’t help but wonder if he was ever in the running to play Christian. Regardless, he seems like a good choice to play the laid back and good-natured brother to Christian Grey. But can he pull off the "Laters, baby" line? Something tells me that won’t be an issue, and I’m sure fans have high hopes that the catch-phrase will make it into the movie.

Grimes should be a familiar face to those who watched last season of True Blood. He played the role of James, one of the more sensitive vampires being held in captivity, whose paths crossed with fellow vampire Jessica on more than one occasion. Prior to True Blood, Grimes played the role of Jamie in Taken 2 and Ryan Laferty in ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. His background in television puts him in like with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, both of whom began to make names for themselves on the small screen prior to being cast in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Watch one of his scenes from Season 6 of True Blood below. Jump ahead to about the 2:45 moment in the video see him gallantly try to protect fellow vampire Jessica (Video contains adult language):

Grimes is expected to return to True Blood next year as a series regular for the HBO vampire drama’s seventh and final season.

Kelly West
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