We know. Vampires are overdone, Twilight ruined vampires, blah blah blah. But what if someone decided to take a little bit different angle at the blood-sucker genre?

That's exactly what filmmaker and actor Rob Stefaniuk is attempting to do with Suck, the story of a rock band who will do anything to become famous. Oh, and there's vampires. Comedies in the vampire genre have worked before, as recently as last year with Lesbian Vampire Killers, so what's to say that this film, which appears to not take itself too seriously, won't be a hilarious spoof of the current state of vampirism?

Suck has been chilling on the edge of the Hollywood radar for about a year and a half, and finally is ready to burst onto the scene. Boasting a few unrecognizable leads, Stefaniuk surrounds his cast with infinitely noteworthy support from both the world of music and film. Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Dave Foley, and Rush's Alex Lifeson all show up to boost the cred of this little movie that could.

Check out the trailer below, but watch it knowing that it's supposed to be funny and ridiculous, otherwise you'll just write it off the second you see the vampires.