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Twilight: Breaking Dawn May Be A 3D Conversion

Tonight’s the night when we make the transition from reporting on when movies will be in 3D, to when they won’t. The format has, in spite of everyone’s general fatigue with it, become that prevalent. If it’s a big-budget blockbuster, go ahead and assume it’ll be in 3D until we tell you otherwise. Here’s one such otherwise: The last Twilight movie will not be in 3D… maybe.

Despite rumors indicating that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn might be in 3D, Twilight distributor Summit tells Gossip Cop that the movie won’t be shot in 3D. Pay attention to the phrasing there. Specifically what Summit told them was: “Neither film is being shot in 3D.” “Neither film” refers to the fact that Twilight: Breaking Dawn will be released in two parts to get as much money out of fans as possible.

Think about how they said that. Note that they never said the movie wouldn’t be released in 3D, just that it isn’t being shot in 3D. That leaves the door open for one of those horrible, entirely unsuccessful 3D conversions which Hollywood has been slapping together as a way to dredge more money out of people without actually having to put any work into it. Remember how bad Clash of the Titans looked in 3D? Now imagine that look on Breaking Dawn.

Maybe I’m simply paranoid, but in my experience, studio spokespeople choose their words very carefully. Indeed Gossip Cop confirms that according to others of their sources the studio is leaving the door open for just such a horrible move. If all the screeches and squeals of over-stimulated Twilight fans don’t give you a headache, then the movie’s slapdash 3D conversion surely will.