NBC’s Hannibal has started off fairly strong, becoming one of the network’s more solid dramas in the past few years (even through some setbacks). A lot of that can be traced to the story, sure, but some of it had to do with executive producer David Slade, whose slick direction really made his episodes look like they belonged to a far more established series, and were better than the film of the same name.

Though he’s been on a TV run since last directing 2010’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Slade is bringing his talents back to theaters with the psychological thriller The Widow for Vendome Pictures. For those put off by the Twilight reference, Slade also directed the snowy vampire horror 30 Days of Night and 2005’s Hard Candy, one of the most uncomfortable dramas in the last decade.

Less exciting is that The Widow was written by Ray Wright, who penned terrible remakes of both The Crazies and Pulse, as well as the should-have-been-better thriller Case 39. So maybe he had great scripts that were ruined by terrible directors. This will definitely prove it one way or the other.

The story follows a young woman who becomes friends with a lonely widow. Cue the dramatic music. The widow isn’t who she seems to be, and it turns out their meeting isn’t just happenstance! It just begs for endless speculation about a possible twist ending, but we’ll hold our tongues.

The film is out to actresses, so casting for the leads should begin soon. And Vendome CEO Philippe Rousselet refers to the lead characters as being “the strongest and most interesting we have seen in some time.” Vendome produced Source Code, a film that kept Vera Farmiga behind a desk for the entire film, so let’s hope these actresses get more to do.

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