Twilight Producers Spent How Much Money Keeping People Off The Set?

Twihards are widely considered to be among the more obsessive fanbases. From production stills to casting stories to unsubstantiated rumors, they tend to consume and respond to an incredible amount of Twilight related news. This fanaticism all but guarantees Breaking Dawn: Part II will make money, but during production of the film itself, the fan devotion wasn’t always the most positive thing.

Speaking recently at a press conference for Twilight in Los Angeles, director Bill Condon was asked about how shooting this movie compared to some of his earlier, more low-key works. He said he tried to keep the frills and superfluous bloat off Breaking Dawn’s set, but after production, he could still see the difference in the bottom line.

”There are these additional expenses that are crazy. I think there’s over a million dollars in something called set containment.”

There are only two types of people who really need to be kept off a film’s set. First, there’s photographers looking to take and sell pictures of various actors in costume in order to make some money, and second, there’s crazy, obsessive fans who want to get close to the action and figure out what’s going on. No doubt the Breaking Dawn set faced possible incursion by both of those forces, which is why that goofy, million dollar plus bill was run up.

Luckily, the money was actually put to good use. The action was pretty well contained on the set. Everyone involved was able to work in peace, and later this week, producers should make a truly wonderful return on their investment.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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