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The sexy vampire movie Twilight is set to take over, well, just about everything. Summit plans to promote the film pretty heavily at Comic Con, and now the movie will take over Entertainment Weekly’s cover.

That’s the cover there to your right. You’ll see it on the July 18th issue of the nations number one entertainment mag. The only odd thing here is that the movie isn’t even due in theaters until December 12th. The fact that it’s getting on EW’s radar so early is a testament to the amount of hype there is out there for this thing. Right now The Dark Knight seems to be dominating just about everything, but not far behind it in sheer, over the top fan hype is Twilight.

The movie is based on a series of vampire novels written by Stephenie Meyer and originally targeted at teens. It has since been taken up by obsessive adults everywhere, who you’ll find corralled together on the internet, lining up in mildly creepy fangroups like “Twilight Moms”... who will now no doubt come here and prove how not creepy they are by calling me names. Sorry ladies, it just seems a little creepy to me. Maybe it’s simply that I can’t imagine my Mom being interested in anything sexy, and really don’t want to. I’m sure however, that I’m totally wrong and you’re all entirely awesome. Please don’t fang me to death, should we encounter one another at Comic Con.

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