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Earlier this month we reported Tron Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski was being considered for the director’s chair on Warner Bros. in-development Twilight Zone movie. Part of the proposed deal was that the script would be tailored into something more appealing to Kosinski’s forte, what that means we frankly have no idea. However, Variety reports the screenwriter who will make these changes has been wrangled.

Aron Eli Coleite is the latest scribe to try his hand at this tricky script, and based on his past works seems uniquely fit for the gig. Of course the original 1959 series created by the eye-brow raising Rod Serling was a blend of mystery, science fiction and horror telling stories of boy’s with terrible telekinetic abilities, a talking killer doll, and various stories of aliens being cruel and kind. Well, Coleite began his professional writing career back in 2004, penning episodes of the crime-mystery series Crossing Jordan. From there, he delved into science fiction with the superpower-centered series Heroes. And just last year, he briefly dabbled in horror, writing for Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli’s short-lived show The River. The Twilight Zone won’t even be his first feature script, as he’d penned a spec script about the end of the world—fittingly titled The End--which has been scooped by Warner Bros, who attached Drew Barrymore to direct.

Perhaps Coleite’s changes to the long labored-on script will lead to Kosinski officially signing on, but for now he’s still in talks. For years, Warner Bros has been trying to revive the franchise that resulted in a total of nine seasons over three different launches in 1959, 1985, and 2003, as well as a star-stuffed movie in 1983. Since 2009, a string of screenwriters have been attached to The Twilight Zone, from The Astronaut's Wife’s Rand Ravich, Body Politic’s Jason Rothenberg, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes’s scribe Anthony Peckham, and Joby Harold of the short-lived series Awake. But in all this time, details on the picture’s plot have been scarce.

Late last year, a rumor posited the feature would follow the story of the first test pilot to travel at lightspeed—an accomplishment that jettisons him into the future. No confirmation on this plotline has been found. At this point all we know for certain is that rather than offering several storylines as the 1983 movie did, this version will focus on one, but weave in various elements of the series. Fittingly, those elements remain a mystery. But while we wait for news, you can revisit the original series which is now streaming on Netflix. And just for fun, here’s a story fromt he 2003 version starring Jessica Simpson: