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One of the more mysterious films in DC comics slate is the planned 2020 release of a Green Lantern Corps film. Green Lantern was originally supposed to be the beginning of a DC cinematic universe until his Ryan Reynolds-led film went and bombed something fierce. Now nobody is quite sure what direction the new movie will take. A new report now says that they’ve seen the concept art that includes both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in obvious positions of prominence, implying they will both be leading the film.

The concept art in question was originally shown off this past summer at San Diego Comic-Con, though it was only on the screen for a second so nobody really got a good look at it. A new report now says that a much clearer look of the same art was seen at the Professional Days of Cinema of Sorrento event, and that the two most popular Green Lanterns are clearly standing out from the rest. If true, this would certainly give a strong indication that both Lantern will be leading the film.

While the information appears to be reliable, it is coming from ComicBookMovie.com’s translation of an original Spanish report from Cinefilos. It’s very possible that something was lost in translation. We saw the image in question, for the same brief moment as everybody else, at SDCC, and while it’s possible that Jordan and Stewart were front and center in the image, they were still two among several Lanterns and it may have simply been because they were more recognizable, not necessarily because they were more important.

The conventional wisdom for the next Green Lantern has been that DC would go with the John Stewart character, rather than the better known Hal Jordan, if only to help separate the character from the poorly received Ryan Reynolds movie from a few years ago. Having said that, with an expectation that at least one Lantern will be part of the upcoming Justice League movies, it’s possible that Stewart may get introduced there and we may get a new Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern Corps film. By then it will be almost 10 years since Reynolds played the part, and the actor will likely be better known as Deadpool which should make the character safe again.

Most of the recent Green Lantern casting discussions have focused on John Stewart, though there was talk that Chris Pine might play Hal Jordan, before he decided to join the Wonder Woman instead. What do you think? Is putting both Jordan and Stewart in the movie too much, or is that exactly what they need to do? Or, should Green Lantern Corps be an ensemble cast, where the human Lanterns are just two among several characters from all over the galaxy?