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Tyler Perry's Good Deeds Unveils A Compassionate Trailer

“My life is perfect,” Tyler Perry’s well-groomed character tells us in the trailer for his latest picture, Good Deeds. That’s far from the truth, and you’ll find out why in the clip, which we have posted below.

Wait, this isn’t the one that Perry took heat from regarding his Kim Kardashian casting? Seriously, this man works harder than virtually anyone else in the industry. Instead, Good Deeds looks like a pay-it-forward melodrama about a corporate tycoon who wakes up to reality when he’s compelled to help a struggling single mother (Thandie Newton) and her child. Hallmark probably could have run this story on a Sunday evening, but with Perry’s signature on the dotted line, Good Deeds should enjoy good returns at the box office come February.

Truthfully, I’m just happy Perry’s making movies that find legitimate roles for talented actresses like Newton, Phylicia Rashad and Gabrielle Union. And at least, by the looks of things, we don’t have Madea to contend with in Deeds.

As for all of you Kardashian fans, the reality-television starlet will appear in Perry’s The Marriage Counselor, which is eyeing a 2012 release date (if the writer-director can deliver on time). I wonder how many times Kardashian can marry and divorce on camera before the publicity train for that drama gets underway?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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