Tyler Perry is a well-oiled machine … and I mean that in the nicest way possible. The prolific writer director has Good Deeds ready to drop in theaters. He’s filming The Marriage Counselor (and likely is close to post-production). And he just revealed casting for the next Madea comedy, lest anyone think he might be planning to take a few hours off between projects.

Titled Madea’s Witness Protection, the film returns Perry’s smart-mouthed alter ego, the armed-and-dangerous grandmother who was last seen on screen in the 2011 feature Madea’s Big Happy Family. In the latest, Eugene Levy stars as a crooked investor whose firm goes bankrupt due to embezzlement, forcing him to flee from his Connecticut mansion into Madea’s southern home as part of the witness protection program. According to THR, Romeo Miller and Denise Richards have been added to the ensemble. The latter plays Levy’s trophy wife (lucky him), while the former plays a vengeful church pastor who blames Levy’s character for bilking the congregation’s funds.

The trade says the aforementioned trio will be joined on screen by Doris Roberts, Devan Leos, Tom Arnold and Danielle Campbell. Perry, of course, returns as Madea, though he’ll also be pulling writing and directing duties.

Pairing Perry with Levy is pretty inspired. Madea hasn’t had a solid foil with which to improvise in a while, and Levy has been slumming it in so many straight-to-video American Pie sequels that his funny bone might have grown a little dull. Given the fact that Perry has two movies due out in 2012, we likely won’t see Witness Protection until the first half of 2013. But for the first time in a while, I can honestly say I’m looking forward to a Madea comedy, because I think Perry and Levy could be an odd couple worth following.

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