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If we’re to believe Furious 7 star Tyrese Gibson, he’s extremely close to playing Green Lantern. For months the actor/singer has been enthusiastically talking about his goal to portray John Stewart in the DC Cinematic Universe, and several days ago he even hinted that he may have even scored the role. While that has yet to be officially confirmed, Gibson has now told the origin story of how his Green Lantern mission began.

He explained on Instagram earlier today that he was inspired to do all this after seeing a piece of fan art depicting him as the Green Lantern. He goes on to say that his pursuit of to play John Stewart isn’t just to have a "black superhero," but because he feels he is right for the role. Said Gibson:
I don't need to ‘campaign’ for anything. I took the Oath and I’m ready to suit up as John Stewart IF it lands this way..... Great seeds have been planted at Warner Bros., they know I'm very excited about the possibilities.

It sounds like at the very minimum, Gibson has talked to the folks at Warner Bros, and they are well aware of his passion. This is far from an official casting announcement, of course, but if "great seeds have been planted," then hopefully the studio will announce something within the next year. Regardless, you have to give Gibson props for his drive and passion.

Little is known about what the plans are for the next big screen iteration of Green Lantern. All that’s been announced is a solo film being released in 2020 - although the character is suspected to be one of the seven founding members of this universe’s Justice League as well, meaning that the character may appear on screen in 2017 (or earlier). Due to the failure of the 2011 film, Warner Bros and DC are likely treading cautiously to make sure this next attempt at breathing life into the Emerald Knight doesn’t go poorly.

The biggest obstacle for Tyrese Gibson is that, unlike most of the other superheroes who are appearing in the DCCU, it hasn’t announced who will be wearing the emerald ring in the DCCU, whether it’s John Stewart, the original Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan (who Chris Pine is rumored to be playing) or someone else entirely. If John Stewart is chosen as the DCCU Green Lantern, this would be the character’s live action debut and biggest media appearance since his popularity increased over a decade ago as one of the leads of the Justice League animated series.

We’ll keep you apprised of any Green Lantern developments, but as it stands now, Gibson’s chances of getting the role are just as good if not better than any other actor’s until DC and Warner Bros. give us more information to work with.