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Apparently, not all Americans are too keen on seeing their President get assassinated in a movie. Who knew?

According to Hollywood Reporter, two major U.S. movie chains will not show Newmarket’s controversial faux-documentary Death of a President, when it opens on October 27. The film received warm receptions on the festival circuit, but many distributors refuse to march in the bad-taste parade.

"We do not feel it is appropriate to portray the future assassination of a president, therefore we do not intend to program this film at any of our cinemas," said Dick Westerling, spokesman of Regal Entertainment Group. That is a pretty big blow, since they are the top U.S. cinema operator with more than 6,300 screens in 40 states. The other chain boycotting the movie is Cinemark USA, with 2,500 screens in 34 states. AMC Entertainment has not yet made a decision, but more than 100 smaller venues have agreed to screen it.

Death of a President depicts the assassination of President Bush in October 2007, followed by a thorough investigation loaded with political drama. Richard Abramowitz, consulting with Newmarket on the film’s release, believes that banning the movie is a knee-jerk reaction. "In certain cases, there has been a rush to judgement…The fact is the film is not about what people are suggesting it is about. It is a thoughtful film and a political thriller."

At least some people will get to see it: the movie will air on British television next week.

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