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UPDATE: Noel Clarke Joins The Cast Of Mad Max: Fury Road

Update: Apparently Bleeding Cool's info was not as spot on as originally thought. Clarke took to his Twitter account and wrote "@bleedingcool hey dudes. thanks for the interview. I can confirm that I'm 100% NOT IN MAD MAX. unless you know something i don't cheers : )" Guess something got lost in translation.

With George Miller's fourth installment in the Mad Max series set to get underway early next year, you can expect more details to be coming out of the production. Earlier today we learned that Charlize Theron's character will be missing part of her left arm, and now there is a new actor joining the cast. Bleeding Cool reports that British actor Noel Clarke, who previously starred in Centurion and Doctor Who, will play a role in Mad Max: Fury Road. Starring Tom Hardy in the title role, as well as Theron, Zoe Kravitz, Adelaide Clemens and Nicholas Hoult, Fury Road is planned as the first of two films being made back to back in 3D.

In addition to being an actor, Clarke recently put on his directing, writing and producing hats for a movie called that saw a June release in the UK and got mixed reviews. Though he is a rising talent in the UK, we here in the US haven't had too much exposure to him yet, but a role in Mad Max could be all he needs to do that.

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