UPDATED: Top Gun Director Tony Scott Reportedly Takes Own Life

SECOND UPDATE: ABC's report about brain cancer has been called into question by several sources close to the family.

UPDATED: ABC News is now reporting that Scott had received a diagnosis of inoperable brain cancer prior to his suicide.

Tony Scott, best known for directing Top Gun and Enemy Of The State passed away this afternoon in what's being reported as a suicide. Reports state that the Hollywood legend parked his Prius on the side of the road by the Vincent Thomas Bridge near Long Beach, climbed a fence and jumped off without hesitation.

According to DailyBreeze.com, following the suicide, the Coast Guard was called to the scene and, using sonar, they discovered the director’s body about four hours later. It was promptly handed over to the Los Angeles County Coroner, who confirmed to TMZ that the victim was, in fact, Scott.

A suicide note was reportedly discovered inside the sixty-eight-year-old’s car, but it’s unclear what, if any, reason it may have given. Regardless, Cinema Blend’s thoughts are with Scott’s wife Donna, his children and his older brother and longtime producing partner Ridley.

Over the course of his career, Tony had his hand in a ton of wonderful projects. He directed Beverly Hills Cop 2, Days Of Thunder and True Romance. He worked as an executive producer on the extremely underrated Numb3rs and he even directed the Kenny Loggins music video for “Danger Zone”. His vision and his creativity will be missed for decades to come.

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