Undisputed Popularity

Odds are, you’re supporting the Undisputed franchise and you didn’t even know it. Every time you mention Wesley Snipes or Ving Rhames, it is counted and catalogued, as support for the completely forgotten 2002 movie by the Patriot Act. Under the guise of National security, the Patriot Act has already counted enough references to Undisputed that a straight-to-video style sequel was produced in 2006. Thanks to ongoing buzz, mostly of Rhames, Undisputed 3 is well on its way, reports Moviehole.net.

"It looks like there will be a third film and it'll be a trilogy", said Isaac Florentine, Undisputed 2 director. "I am happy about this. I got warm reactions from people I never got before, like Harvey Weinstein who told me that he loves the film and others from New Line and Sony. So, I think I made a step forward."

Florentine is currently working on the upcoming Jean Claude Van Damme flop The Shepherd, but New Line is hoping it can get a third Undisputed chapter into stores post haste. Snipes, Rhames, Snipes, Rhames, here’s to an Undisputed 4!