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Ever since he announced it everyone has been ridiculously excited about Paul Thomas Anderson's next movie project, in which Philip Seymour Hoffman would play a very L. Ron Hubbard-esque leader of a startup religion that's very Scientology-esque. It seemed the biggest obstacle Anderson would face would be protest from those powerful Scientologists, but now an even bigger force has gotten in his way: money.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Universal is balking at the $35 million price tag for the film, particularly in the wake of Green Zone's dismal performance at the box office (the movie has made $25 million so far worldwide and cost $100 million to make). It seems a little crazy that Universal would then apply that logic to a $35 million movie, particularly one with one Oscar-winner on board and a recent nominees, Jeremy Renner, about to sign on as well.

As Vulture points out, the movie's premise doesn't exactly sound all that expensive, and Anderson made the gigantic There Will Be Blood, oil explosions and all, for $25 million. Will he manage to shave the budget in order to keep the studio on board? Or is there an indie studio willing to shell out the bucks for the Anderson prestige? Your move, Summit.

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